2024 TT250 Dual Sport White - Pre-Order - DEPOSIT ONLY

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Deposit: $300.00
Arriving Late June 2024
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In Store Pick-Up is Available at Our Store in Azusa, CA. Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.
Flat Rate Shipping is Available to Most Locations in the Lower Contiguous United States for $425.00. Hawaii, and Alaska contact for shipping quotes.
All Motorcycles Include a 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty - Extended Warranty Available Through AfterCare
Deposits are fully refundable.

Vehicle and Motorcycle sales do not have a cooling-off period. All vehicle sales are final.

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Product Overview

2024 CSC TT250 Enduro

The All-Purpose Motorcycle. BEST Motorcycle Value in the U.S.

The CSC TT250 Enduro has redefined the affordable dual-sport motorcycle. Still ONLY $2,495.00 and ships for $425.00 to most locations in the lower 48 (some locations may incur additional surcharges) + Documentation and Dealer Prep Fees, magazine named the TT250 Enduro the BEST motorcycle value in the US!

  • Searvice and Support

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    Excellent customer service and techincal support from our expert technicians.

  • Warranty

    1-Year Warranty

    Every motorcycle comes with a one year unlimited mileage warranty.

  • OEM Replacement Parts

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    We stock replacement parts for all of our motorcycles down to the tiniest bolt.

  • Service Manual and Tutorials

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    We conveniently offer service manuals, bonus materials, and videos online for free to help you maintain your bike.


The CSC TT250 Enduro is the perfect motorcycle for riding trails, commuting to work, or touring the countryside. The high ground clearance and adjustable suspension will tackle off-road riding. The snappy air-cooled, counter-balanced engine will take you through the woods or down the highway. The TT250 is a low-priced motorcycle that is supplied with features not available on competitive bikes costing much more. Simplicity is combined with proven design and manufacturing and then delivered from CSC direct to your door for unbeatable savings!

  • Adjustable Rear Shock

    Adjustable Rear Monoshock

    Pre-load and dampening adjustable gas charge rear monoshock.

  • Front Fork dampening adjusters.

    Dampening Adjustable Fork

    Inverted telescopic front fork with dampening adjustment, 48mm upper to 37mm lower.

  • Adjustable steering stem

    Stainless Steel Braided Lines

    Stainless steel brake lines with large diameter front and rear disk brakes provide reliable stopping power.

  • New Digital Speedometer For 2023

    Digital Speedometer

    Dash with digital speedometer, tachometer, odometer, fuel gauge, gear indicator, neutral light, turn signal and high beam indicators.

  • Heavy duty kickstand

    Counter-Balanced Engine

    Reliable 230cc air-cooled CG style engine, overhead valve, with counter-balancer for smooth operation.

  • Electrical accessory switch

    Built-In Accesory Switches

    Handlebar mounted A1/A2 switches for electrical accessories that use the high output 300-Watt alternator.


The lightweight TT250 is equipped with everything you need for dual-sport riding: 18-inch rear and 21-inch front wheels with knobby tires, hydraulic front and rear disk brakes, adjustable suspension front and rear, 300-watt alternator for accessories, handlebar switches pre-wired to underseat outlets, a comfortable saddle and more.

The 230cc motor used in the TT250 Enduro is a modernized version of the 'world-design' motorcycle CG engine first developed back in 1975. This new engine was specifically designed for durability and minimal maintenance.

CSC TT250 Enduro appeals to two types of riders. First is riders who want a basic, all-purpose motorcycle. These riders appreciate the nimble handling and performance of the 230cc engine in the lightweight chassis, along with the minimal maintenance requirements.

The second category of CSC TT250 Enduro owners are experienced dual-sport riders who want to customize their bike for their own style of riding. These TT250 riders will add heavy knobbies and a full-coverage aluminum skid plate for off-road riding. Or install higher gearing for commuting down the highway, or even swapping street tires for a Super Moto thrill!

The TT250 Enduro is supplied with CSC's free Service Manual and online tutorials for virtually every maintenance and repair operation.

CSC TT250 Enduro Standard Features:

  • Fuel system: Keima slide carburetor
  • Long maintenance intervals and easy repairs backed by a full Owner's Manual and online service tutorials
  • 5-speed transmission
  • High-mounted enduro steel exhaust
  • 2.9-gallon fuel tank with locking gas cap & keyed to ignition
  • 3D anti-fog headlight
  • LED turn signals, dual-flash hazard lights
  • Automotive-type waterproof connectors under the seat
  • Inverted, anodized adjustable telescopic front forks
  • Large diameter front and rear disk brakes with stainless steel brake lines
  • Front 3.0 x 21 spoked wheel with DOT dual-sport tire and tube, black steel rim
  • Rear 4.6 x 18 spoked wheel with DOT dual-sport tire and tube, black steel rim
  • Folding rider and passenger foot pegs with rubber inserts
  • Dual rear-view mirrors
  • Comfort saddle for driver and passenger
  • Frame-mounted helmet lock, lower steel bash plate
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Gray, White



Single cylinder, 4 stroke, air-cooled
Bore x Stroke:
67mm x 65mm
Compression Ratio:
16.1 @ 7,000 rpm
13.5 ft. lb. @ 5,500 rpm
Oil Type:
10W 40, 1.48 quart
Fuel System:
Electric & Kick
Tubular Steel
Front Brake:
265mm Single Disc
Rear Brake:
220mm Single Disc
5 Speed, constant mesh
Seat Height:
34 in. (864mm)
55 in. (1397mm)
Fuel Tank:
2.9 gallons (11 L)
Front Tires:
3.00 x 21 knobby, DOT approved
Rear Tires:
4.60 x 18 knobby, DOT approved
Front Suspension:
Inverted Telescopic, 48mm upper, 37mm lower
Rear Suspension:
Monoshock with preload adjustment
Suspension Travel:
6.2 in. (157mm) Front / 6.5 in. (165mm) Rear
Ground Clearance:
11.5 in. (292mm)
309 lbs. (140 Kg)



Flat Rate Shipping in the Contiguous 48 States

If you want to pick up your TT250 Cafe Racer for free, you can visit our CSC Motorcycles’ showroom in Azusa, CA. Alternatively, you can have your TT250 Cafe Racer delivered to your door fully assembled for a flat rate of $425. Some locations may incur an extra charge. Please contact us for a shipping quote if you live in Hawaii or Alaska.

We reserve the right to make changes to the product information contained on this site at any time without notice, including with respect to equipment, specifications, models, colors, and materials

Warranty Information

CSC Motorcycles Warranty & Return Information

Your CSC Motorcycle comes with a 1-year unlimited mileage warranty, you may also purchase an extended warranty with your motorcycle from Aftercare. Click here for more information about Aftercare Extended Warranties. Your warranty covers materials and workmanship for all components, except consumables or wear items. Consumable and wear items include brake pads and rotors, clutch components, fork seals, chains, tires, inner tubes, hand grips, sprockets, and batteries. These items may be covered at CSC’s discretion if a failure occurs that is not related to wear. Batteries have a 6-month replacement warranty for failures not related to abuse, neglect, or sitting.

Further exclusions include damage caused by alteration or modification to a stock part, neglect, abuse, or by accident or negligence. Lack of maintenance or improper storage procedures, as well as the use of unauthorized lubricants, chemicals, or fuels that are not compatible with or recommended for this vehicle, are also excluded. Additionally, failure of a part due to exceeding the manufacturer's R.P.M. limits or intended use or non-operation is not covered. This includes fuel delivery components that have failed due to bad fuel.

For any warranty claim, please contact CSC Motorcycles for help with troubleshooting and diagnostics. Replacement parts will be sent directly to you via standard ground shipping at no charge. No warranty service will be covered without pre-authorization.

For extended warranties through Aftercare you will have to contact Aftercare. The information for contacting Aftercare will be included with your motorcycle paperwork.

The warranty is valid from the date of purchase by the original purchaser and is non-transferable.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to ask!

A Note About Batteries:
When we prepared your motorcycle, we used a top-of-the-line Optimate battery charger/ tester to insure we install a good battery. It was then successfully test ridden before it was packed and shipped. The last thing we would want is a customer that can’t start and ride their brand-new motorcycle when they first receive it.

For SG and TT owners, please refer to the starting instruction on your owner's packet, website, or YouTube channel

Batteries perform poorly in the winter, whether they are new or not. Starting your engine puts a big drain on your battery. They work very hard for their small size and it’s very easy to completely drain a battery attempting to start a stubborn engine.
Starting your bike every 30 days to warm up the engine and circulate fresh gas through the fuel system is a good practice, but this does not allow enough time for your alternator to fully charge your battery. The motorcycle does have a high-power alternator. In order for it to completely charge a dead battery, you will have to ride your motorcycle at speed for 3 to 4 hours. It’s the same time it takes to completely charge your battery on a battery charger.
Motorcycle batteries deplete 1% of their battery capacity everyday they sit, and this leaves them suspectable to internal corrosion and irreputable damage.

The battery needs to be on a trickle charger to maintain a 100% charge and its health when sitting longer than 30 days.

If you suspect a faulty battery and want to submit a warranty claim, we need proof that the battery is defective and not just dead from sitting or failed starting attempts.
  • Batteries have a 6-month warranty from the date of purchase.
  • Please take your battery to an auto parts store and have them charge and test it. Their equipment will show a reading or either "GOOD" or "BAD".
  • Take a picture of this result and submit it for your warranty claim.
  • Only if the battery is shown to be faulty will we sent out a replacement.
  • If the battery is tested to be good and you are still experiencing technical issues, please contact CSC Motorcycles for further diagnoses.

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  • 5

    Posted by Kolby on Jan 24th 2024

    Absolutely love my TT250. Would recommend to anyone. I’m 5’10 and it’s tall I tippy toe on it but I got used to it. My kids ride in back all over town and I get to take it to the mountains and ride off-road. Love it!

  • 4
    2022 TT250

    Posted by John on Nov 24th 2022

    I am a new rider and this provides the best opportunity and quality for the price

  • 5
    Great first bike

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 17th 2022

    I ordered one of these in November, and despite winter in Chicago I have been able to get over 200 miles on it already. This is my first motorcycle, and I could not be happier with my choice. Perfect to learn how to work on the engine, not be worried if (when) you drop it, and to get out and see the world in a different way. If you don't want to drop $5k+ on a motorcycle, if you're just starting out, or if you want a fifth bike to modify for eternity, this is your ticket.

  • 5
    It’s liberating

    Posted by Zack on Jan 16th 2022

    I have never owned a motorcycle until I purchased this bike online. Delivered right to my front door with a little gas in the tank. I have over 800 miles on the bike now and so far it’s been treating me wonderfully. I love it. I also love the crazy looks I’ve been getting when I tell people I’ve been riding in the cold weather of January and December.

  • 5

    Posted by Cody on Dec 26th 2021

    Story time . I recently received one of these bikes brand new for Christmas . I was not expecting to get this bike , but I would not trade it for nothing I am so stoked . I'm still in my break in mile period but I can feel it wanting to pull . I have noticed it has a issue around 5k RPMs it wanting to stutter. but it seems to be going away the more miles it gets on it . but someone else said in needs a jet upgrade . I have put almost 200 miles on it in 1 day the bike preforms like it should and trust me . I put things to the TEST ! I'm not very experienced offroad riding , but you know I had too . I very quickly found myself in a place where did NOT NEED TO BE for my experience. there I was sinking in red clay and tree Debris from logging . And yes , it was too late to turn around ! not in proper off-road riding gear . I needed to go and the TT250 said it was nothing and got me right through the muckand over every branch and log very impressed . then Immediately Regretted it . my brand new White bike was clay red

  • 4
    My View of the TT250

    Posted by Robert Kelly on Aug 12th 2021

    the TT250 is an very good machine. out of the box it NEEDS the jet kit they sell, just to run correctly ! it is way , way too tall for me ! I bought the lower seat for it and now I can flat foot it . it's a good robust bike that can take a pounding and come out unscathed. the tires are fine for street, but be wary of them on the dirt. lowering the air pressure to 28psi on both will help alot. if I wasn't getting an RX4 for me I would get another one of these. for myself. this one I got for my Kid and He Loves everything about it. (except that the exhaust is so choked down) but I cured that with a 3/8" drill under the cap and 6 holes.) I would give it a 5 star rating but it's lack of power prevents that, it's not a power house ! it is a good machine never the less.

  • 4
    Just got the TT250

    Posted by Robert Kelly on Aug 3rd 2021

    it came in pristine/showroom condition, it wasn't even dusty ! it fired right up but wanted to die before it got warm... I took it for a 21 mile ride ( being easy on it as it's a new engine.) and have no complaints, the low seat was back ordered so it is too tall for me at the moment, even after taking out the pre-load on the mono shock. ( 30" inseam) it's a bit high centered but not real bad my biggest complaint is the power, it is more like a 175cc than a 250cc but it is a very tight engine right now and I expect that to improve. the bendable turn signals already proved their worth getting it out the one person gate of our yard. no harm done ! the Motor runs great and the feel of the machine is very good, it's not a fast machine by any means its a Putt,putt ! and it does that great. it's a beautiful bike and I do recommend it, dealing with CSC is the best,even though their having parts availability issues at the moment due to covid..... it's Not a powerhouse but a good bike will get you there ! I put on hand guards and will change nothing else except the seat when it comes in. it's a smooth, exceptionally capable machine !

  • 5
    CSC TT250

    Posted by Kimberly Sinclair on Jul 2nd 2021

    A really nice bike! It rides nice, its got good power and looks great. It came ready to ride and arrived nicely crated. Thanks CSC for the excellent customer service.

  • 5
    Great Service

    Posted by Andrew on Nov 11th 2020

    I originally wanted a Hawk 250, but was super pissed when I couldn't get one in California. This bike, after taxes and "dealer and documentation prep" came out to almost double. However, after doing more research, this bike has a couple significant upgrades that account for its increased price, and more importantly, CSC takes care of all the paperwork, ensures the bike is ready to ride (even shipping with gasoline) and is there to handle any questions. I had several issues involving starting the bike (mostly due to my own inexperience) and I called/emailed CSC several times, and they always picked up without putting me on hold and walked me through them. If I had more experience (and wasn't in California) probably the Hawk 250 would have been better value. However, for a complete beginner like myself, these priceless additional services made an otherwise overwhelming experience very manageable. Thanks so much!