Cafe Racer

SG250 San Gabriel - Cafe Racer

The CSC SG250 San Gabriel brings us back to why we love to ride. The San Gabriel is handsome, yet rugged. Its stripped down to the essentials and intentionally avoids complications. The SG250 is equipped with a proven 230cc, air-cooled counter-balanced engine. CSC has brought back the cafe racer, equipped with everything you need for heart-pumping, purist motor bike riding — and nothing you don't! You can easily find SG250 OEM Replacement Parts, SG250 Accessories, SG250 Service Manual and SG250 Tutorials and Videos on the CSC Motorcycles website.


SG400 Cafe Racer - 380cc Motorcycle

The SG400 is CSC Motorcycles’ 380cc parallel twin cafe racer motorcycle that we have offered for sale since 2021. The SG400 brings that old school cool style with enough power to comfortably ride on the freeway. You can easily find SG400 Tutorials & Videos, SG400 Service Manual, SG400 Stock Replacement Parts, and SG400 Accessories on the CSC Motorcycles Website.

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