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Pre-requsites: A minimum 650 Fico Auto Credit Score. There may be up to two credit inquiries one from CSC Motorcycles for pre-approval and one from First Community Bank. Approvals are valid up to 14 days. 



This application for Credit ("Application") is to First Community Bank ("FCB"). I have read this Application, and everything stated in it is true. I authorize FCB to check my credit, employment history, or any other information, and to report such information, and its credit experience with me, to others. I am at least 18 years of age. I hereby certify that the property purchased pursuant to this application is for my personal and/or business use; that I am fully responsible for making all payments for such property; that such property will be in my possession or under my control until the amount financed and all finance charges have been paid in full; and that I am not purchasing property financed through FCB for the benefit of another without the written approval of FCB. I understand that I must update credit information at FCB's request if my financial condition changes.