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Product Overview


The CSC SG250 San Gabriel motorcycle is a throw-back to the 1960's. After the super-successful introduction in 2018, the SG250 returns in 2024.


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The CSC SG250 San Gabriel brings us back to why we love to ride. The San Gabriel is handsome, yet rugged. It's stripped down to the essentials and intentionally avoids complications. The SG250 is equipped with a proven 230cc, air-cooled counter-balanced engine. CSC has brought back the cafe racer, equipped with everything you need for heart-pumping, purist motor bike riding — and nothing you don't!

The 230cc motor used in the CSC SG250 (and the CSC TT250 Enduro) is a modernized version of the "world-design" motorcycle engine first developed by Honda back in 1975. Honda and other manufacturers wanted to export motorcycles into the growing market of Southeast Asia. But the economies of these countries were far behind Japan at the time. The engineers noted the contrast in motorcycle usage in these countries.

There were no motorcycle 'dealers' in these emerging markets, only local repair shops which disassembled and repaired motorcycles that were broken down. Customers brought their motorcycles in only when they had stopped running. The concept of routine maintenance was completely foreign to the motor bike owners.

To tap into these demanding markets, Honda developed a new motorcycle engine that was specifically designed to require minimal maintenance. The lightweight, short-pushrod overhead valve 125cc engine featured a gear-driven, single camshaft structure for both intake and exhaust. The shaft is located where one would find the cam-chain housing in a more conventional overhead cam engine. This engine was later manufactured in a new factory in Brazil for the growing market in South America. Honda introduced a new motorcycle for the South American market called the CG125 Titan.

Over 40 years later, the original CG125 patent has long-expired. Today, Zongshen, the manufacturer of the CSC SG250, has a modern factory that builds over 3 MILLION engines each year. Zongshen builds both a 125cc and a 230cc version of the old CG engine. CSC distributes only the 230cc version in its modern motorcycles, with the additional update of a counter-balancer. This dependable motor is available in both the CSC SG250 San Gabriel and the CSC TT250 Enduro.

By American standards, 230cc is considered small. But in the CSC SG250, this engine is placed in a motorcycle that weighs only 273 pounds! That gives the CSC SG250 San Gabriel brisk acceleration and a cruising top end of 70 miles per hour! Fuel economy is typically over 65 miles per gallon. When combined with a four-gallon gas tank, this provides the rider with a range exceeding 200 miles.

CSC SG250 San Gabriel owners tend to fall into two categories. First is riders who are new to motorcycles. These riders appreciate the nimble handling and performance of the 230cc engine in the lightweight chassis. New riders also enjoy the simplicity of the dash, controls, and especially the low-maintenance requirements of the SG250.

The second (and largest) category of CSC SG250 San Gabriel owners are experienced bikers who already own several motorcycles. The cafe racer-style appeals to experienced riders for its vintage and rebellious heritage. Its streamlined, minimalist, and retro. Experienced riders are attracted to the SG250 because of what it ISN'T. The SG250 San Gabriel isn't high-tech. No electronic suspension; no surround-sound stereo; no trip computer; and no hassles! Just turn the key and ride OR stomp the kick starter for another reminder of a simpler time!

Many experienced riders have dreamed of rebuilding an old-school project bike. But most of these 'host' bikes from the 1970's and '80's require massive restoration or are only available for four or five times what they sold for NEW! In contrast, the 2024 CSC SG250 is available NEW, including a 12-month unlimited mileage warranty, for ONLY $2,495.00 and ships for $425.00 to most locations in the lower 48 states (some locations may incur additional surcharges) + Documentation and Dealer Prep Fees.

The CSC SG250 San Gabriel is faithful to the appearance of the old bikes, but also well-equipped with important features like 17-inch tires on aluminum rims, full instrumentation including a speedometer, tachometer, odometer, fuel gauge, gear indicator, and neutral light. You have inverted front forks and adjustable rear reservoir shocks. Stopping power is provided by huge front and rear disc brakes, black exhaust.

Old bikes can't compete with the new CSC SG250 that includes a 300-watt alternator, a 2-person seat plus rubber-cushioned foot pegs for driver and passenger, and even a locking gas cap. All these convenience features are STANDARD equipment on the CSC SG250 San Gabriel.

The CSC SG250 is an unmatched value. The proven dependable and economical 230cc motor is paired with a huge list of standard features that cannot be duplicated elsewhere for TWICE the price!

CSC SG250 San Gabriel Standard Features:

  • 230cc air-cooled engine, overhead valve, with counter-balancer
  • Fuel system: Keima slide carburetor
  • Long maintenance intervals and easy repairs backed by a full Owner's Manual and online service tutorials
  • 5-speed transmission
  • Starter: Electric and kick starter
  • Black megaphone steel exhaust
  • 4-gallon fuel tank with locking gas cap keyed to ignition
  • LED headlight with halo ring
  • Dash with speedometer, tachometer, odometer, fuel gauge, gear indicator, neutral light, turn signal and high beam indicators
  • 300-Watt alternator
  • Inverted front forks, front fork lock
  • Adjustable dual rear shock absorbers with reservoirs
  • Large diameter front and rear disc brakes
  • Front 90/70/17 spoked wheel with DOT tire and tube, black aluminum rim
  • Rear 120/70/17 spoked wheel with DOT tire and tube, black aluminum rim
  • Folding rider and passenger foot pegs with rubber inserts
  • Black low handlebars with bar-end weights
  • Dual rear-view mirrors
  • Comfort seat for driver and passenger
  • Side stand and center stand
  • Available Colors: Smoke Gray, Matte Black, Blue, Mocha, White, Green
  • Seat Height 26"


Wheel Base: 50.8 inches
Fuel Tank Capacity: 4 Gallons
Ground Clearance: 6.3 inches
Seat Height: 26 inches
Weight: 273 lbs
Maximum Speed: 68 mph
Transmission: 5 Speed
Brake System: Disc Front, Disc Rear
Start: Electric and Kick
Front Tire: 90/70/17
Rear Tire: 120/70/17
Engine Type: OHV, air-cooled, counterbalanced single
Bore: 67mm
Stroke: 65mm
Maximum Power: 16.1 hp @ 7000 rpm
Maximum Torque: 13.5 ft-lb @ 5500 rpm
Displacement: 229.5 cc
Compression Ration: 8.7 to 1

Note: Advertised pricing excludes applicable taxes title and licensing, dealer set up, destination and are subject to change without notice. Additional fees cover the inbound import fees and the assembly at CSC so that all you need to do when your bike arrives is install the rear-view mirrors, add gas and start riding!

We reserve the right to make changes to the product information contained on this site at any time without notice, including with respect to equipment, specifications, models, colors, and materials



Flat Rate Shipping in the Contiguous 48 States

If you want to pick up your SG250 Cafe Racer for free, you can visit our CSC Motorcycles’ showroom in Azusa, CA. Alternatively, you can have your SG250 Cafe Racer delivered to your door fully assembled for a flat rate of $425. Some locations may incur an extra charge. Please contact us for a shipping quote if you live in Hawaii or Alaska.


We reserve the right to make changes to the product information contained on this site at any time without notice, including with respect to equipment, specifications, models, colors, and materials

Warranty Information

CSC Motorcycles Warranty & Return Information

Your CSC Motorcycle comes with a 1-year unlimited mileage warranty, you may also purchase an extended warranty with your motorcycle from Aftercare. Click here for more information about Aftercare Extended Warranties. Your warranty covers materials and workmanship for all components, except consumables or wear items. Consumable and wear items include brake pads and rotors, clutch components, fork seals, chains, tires, inner tubes, hand grips, sprockets, and batteries. These items may be covered at CSC’s discretion if a failure occurs that is not related to wear. Batteries have a 6-month replacement warranty for failures not related to abuse, neglect, or sitting.

Further exclusions include damage caused by alteration or modification to a stock part, neglect, abuse, or by accident or negligence. Lack of maintenance or improper storage procedures, as well as the use of unauthorized lubricants, chemicals, or fuels that are not compatible with or recommended for this vehicle, are also excluded. Additionally, failure of a part due to exceeding the manufacturer's R.P.M. limits or intended use or non-operation is not covered. This includes fuel delivery components that have failed due to bad fuel.

For any warranty claim, please contact CSC Motorcycles for help with troubleshooting and diagnostics. Replacement parts will be sent directly to you via standard ground shipping at no charge. No warranty service will be covered without pre-authorization.

For extended warranties through Aftercare you will have to contact Aftercare. The information for contacting Aftercare will be included with your motorcycle paperwork.

The warranty is valid from the date of purchase by the original purchaser and is non-transferable.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to ask!

A Note About Batteries:
When we prepared your motorcycle, we used a top-of-the-line Optimate battery charger/ tester to insure we install a good battery. It was then successfully test ridden before it was packed and shipped. The last thing we would want is a customer that can’t start and ride their brand-new motorcycle when they first receive it.

For SG and TT owners, please refer to the starting instruction on your owner's packet, website, or YouTube channel

Batteries perform poorly in the winter, whether they are new or not. Starting your engine puts a big drain on your battery. They work very hard for their small size and it’s very easy to completely drain a battery attempting to start a stubborn engine.
Starting your bike every 30 days to warm up the engine and circulate fresh gas through the fuel system is a good practice, but this does not allow enough time for your alternator to fully charge your battery. The motorcycle does have a high-power alternator. In order for it to completely charge a dead battery, you will have to ride your motorcycle at speed for 3 to 4 hours. It’s the same time it takes to completely charge your battery on a battery charger.
Motorcycle batteries deplete 1% of their battery capacity everyday they sit, and this leaves them suspectable to internal corrosion and irreputable damage.

The battery needs to be on a trickle charger to maintain a 100% charge and its health when sitting longer than 30 days.

If you suspect a faulty battery and want to submit a warranty claim, we need proof that the battery is defective and not just dead from sitting or failed starting attempts.
  • Batteries have a 6-month warranty from the date of purchase.
  • Please take your battery to an auto parts store and have them charge and test it. Their equipment will show a reading or either "GOOD" or "BAD".
  • Take a picture of this result and submit it for your warranty claim.
  • Only if the battery is shown to be faulty will we sent out a replacement.
  • If the battery is tested to be good and you are still experiencing technical issues, please contact CSC Motorcycles for further diagnoses.

Product Videos


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  • 5

    Posted by Born again Rider on Feb 3rd 2024

    so far, this motorcycle is exactly what we needed to get back into riding again. Price is right and bike are right sized. CSC was on every step of the process. Communication and information about the whole process was more than expected. I would say better than a previous world known bike face to face lot purchase I just got 2 months before this. CSC obviously has practiced their process. Shipping was awesome handled with reasonable care. I would buy from them again. The motorcycle SG250 is perfect for anyone trying to learn, save, and just have a reliable form of transportation.

  • 5
    Great bike

    Posted by Jamal on Jun 13th 2023

    I have had this bike for over a year now. Super fun to ride around and great bike to get started on. Honestly, I feel it satisfies my craving…. No need to go faster. Never had any issues and great customer support.

  • 5
    Not a Scam - Fun Little Bike

    Posted by Terry D on Oct 9th 2022

    Oct 2022: I was trying to find an affordable starter bike for my son. He is turning 17 and wanted to begin street riding like me. The price (to include all the dealer prep and such) was very affordable. Let's be up front, this is a Zongchen motorcycle (from China) and I was worried about quality and other issues. Shipping from CA to NC was very quick (Road Runner Freight) and the box was in great shape. Unpacking and getting the bike ready to ride was about an hour and a half. Registering with the NC DMV presented no issues. Now the fun truly begins! As a starter bike, get on the CSC Motorcycle website and watch the videos! If you've never had a bike with a carb and choke, you'll learn the starting procedure. In fact, there are tons of information videos and manuals to learn how to maintain your bike. Follow the owner's manual. Read, watch and learn. I own and ride my own bike (Indian Chief Vintage) and it's unfair to make any comparison. I will grant you this, the bike is nimble and fun to ride. The overall quality (at its price point) is highly acceptable. It's a 230cc bike and it's strong and sturdy enough to get my son into biking. I'm satisfied and would happy with its intended purpose.

  • 5
    2022 SG250 Cafe Racer

    Posted by Charles on Sep 4th 2022

    Absolutely amazing machine for the money! Looks and rides great! I recommend for any first time rider or a metro commuter

  • 5
    Amazing bike!!

    Posted by Cheyra Torres on Aug 28th 2022

    Y'all this bike is amazing! I bought it lowkey worrying if it was really as good as the reviews said. It is! Everyone on the team was really prompt and nice! It made ordering this bike online wayyyy easier than expected

  • 5

    Posted by Elías Soto on Apr 2nd 2022

    Being a new rider, with incredibly little experience, I bought this bike knowing I'd probably bang it up a ton, I've dropped it at least thrice, slid down a gravel hill on it's side, and stalled it a few times as well, the Sg-250 takes a beating and keeps going, all while still looking great. Gas isn't a problem, even at 4 bucks a gallon, it handles really well and for the price point I'm incredibly happy with this bike, I love it too bits.

  • 5
    Incredible value!

    Posted by Tyler Hillis on Oct 8th 2021

    For what you pay, you get an amazing little machine. It may not win races or be the first off the line, but it will definitely put a smile on your face as you ride. Ordering from CSC was an absolute breeze and I anticipate any support needed for the bike will be equally easy. The SG250 is a stylish little bike that will get looks from those around you. It is also a great bike to learn on, like I myself am doing, since it won't punish you much for bad inputs. It wants you to have fun on it!

  • 5

    Posted by Grant on Jun 26th 2021

    I come from a Triumph Storm 1700cc, started to lose my passion for riding because my bike was almost 800 lbs, over 100 horses soo heavy and such a chore to ride. Decided to head back down the cc ladder...Found this thing and it feels like I am a teen again. So simple, light, and fun. Zip down to the grocery store, ride through the canyons, and even off road with the knobby tires....what a blast, solid construction, great bike under 65mph if you are looking for something fun!

  • 5
    Outstanding Purchase

    Posted by Tom C. on May 27th 2021

    Pre-ordered one of these in April and it arrived late May. Had CSC install the scrambler handlebars and larger sprocket and it arrived as expected with about a half tank of gas to get started with. I'm a beginning rider and this is an absolute blast, feels very solid and well built. Definitely a good purchase and good experience with CSC!