2022 TT250 Dual Sport Blue

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Product Overview

2022 CSC TT250 Enduro

The All-Purpose Motorcycle. BEST Motorcycle Value in the U.S.

The CSC TT250 Enduro has redefined the affordable dual-sport motorcycle. Still ONLY $2,495.00 and ships for $350.00-$500.00 to most locations in the lower 48 (some locations may incur additional surcharges) + Documentation and Dealer Prep Fees, magazine named the TT250 Enduro the BEST motorcycle value in the US!

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The CSC TT250 Enduro is the perfect motorcycle for riding trails, commuting to work, or touring the countryside. The high ground clearance and adjustable suspension will tackle off-road riding. The snappy air-cooled, counter-balanced engine will take you through the woods or down the highway. The TT250 is a low-priced motorcycle that is supplied with features not available on competitive bikes costing much more. Simplicity is combined with proven design and manufacturing and then delivered from CSC direct to your door for unbeatable savings!

  • Adjustable Rear Shock

    Adjustable Rear Monoshock

    Pre-load and dampening adjustable gas charge rear monoshock.

  • Front Fork dampening adjusters.

    Dampening Adjustable Fork

    Inverted telescopic front fork with dampening adjustment, 48mm upper to 37mm lower.

  • Adjustable steering stem

    Stainless Steel Braided Lines

    Stainless steel brake lines with large diameter front and rear disk brakes provide reliable stopping power.

  • New Digital Speedometer For 2023

    Digital Speedometer

    Dash with digital speedometer, tachometer, odometer, fuel gauge, gear indicator, neutral light, turn signal and high beam indicators.

  • Heavy duty kickstand

    Counter-Balanced Engine

    Reliable 230cc air-cooled CG style engine, overhead valve, with counter-balancer for smooth operation.

  • Electrical accessory switch

    Built-In Accesory Switches

    Handlebar mounted A1/A2 switches for electrical accessories that use the high output 300-Watt alternator.


The lightweight TT250 is equipped with everything you need for dual-sport riding: 18-inch rear and 21-inch front wheels with knobby tires, hydraulic front and rear disk brakes, adjustable suspension front and rear, 300-watt alternator for accessories, handlebar switches pre-wired to underseat outlets, a comfortable saddle and more.

The 230cc motor used in the TT250 Enduro is a modernized version of the 'world-design' motorcycle CG engine first developed back in 1975. This new engine was specifically designed for durability and minimal maintenance.

CSC TT250 Enduro appeals to two types of riders. First is riders who want a basic, all-purpose motorcycle. These riders appreciate the nimble handling and performance of the 230cc engine in the lightweight chassis, along with the minimal maintenance requirements.

The second category of CSC TT250 Enduro owners are experienced dual-sport riders who want to customize their bike for their own style of riding. These TT250 riders will add heavy knobbies and a full-coverage aluminum skid plate for off-road riding. Or install higher gearing for commuting down the highway, or even swapping street tires for a Super Moto thrill!

The TT250 Enduro is supplied with CSC's free Service Manual and online tutorials for virtually every maintenance and repair operation.

CSC TT250 Enduro Standard Features:

  • Fuel system: Keima slide carburetor
  • Long maintenance intervals and easy repairs backed by a full Owner's Manual and online service tutorials
  • 5-speed transmission
  • High-mounted enduro steel exhaust
  • 2.9-gallon fuel tank with locking gas cap & keyed to ignition
  • 3D anti-fog headlight
  • LED turn signals, dual-flash hazard lights
  • Automotive-type waterproof connectors under the seat
  • Inverted, anodized adjustable telescopic front forks
  • Large diameter front and rear disk brakes with stainless steel brake lines
  • Front 3.0 x 21 spoked wheel with DOT dual-sport tire and tube, black steel rim
  • Rear 4.6 x 18 spoked wheel with DOT dual-sport tire and tube, black steel rim
  • Folding rider and passenger foot pegs with rubber inserts
  • Dual rear-view mirrors
  • Comfort saddle for driver and passenger
  • Frame-mounted helmet lock, lower steel bash plate
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Gray, White



Single cylinder, 4 stroke, air-cooled
Bore x Stroke:
67mm x 65mm
Compression Ratio:
16.1 @ 7,000 rpm
13.5 ft. lb. @ 5,500 rpm
Oil Type:
10W 40, 1.48 quart
Fuel System:
Electric & Kick
Tubular Steel
Front Brake:
265mm Single Disc
Rear Brake:
220mm Single Disc
5 Speed, constant mesh
Seat Height:
34 in. (864mm)
55 in. (1397mm)
Fuel Tank:
2.9 gallons (11 L)
Front Tires:
3.00 x 21 knobby, DOT approved
Rear Tires:
4.60 x 18 knobby, DOT approved
Front Suspension:
Inverted Telescopic, 48mm upper, 37mm lower
Rear Suspension:
Monoshock with preload adjustment
Suspension Travel:
6.2 in. (157mm) Front / 6.5 in. (165mm) Rear
Ground Clearance:
11.5 in. (292mm)
309 lbs. (140 Kg)


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Warranty Information

1 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty.

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  • 5
    Great First Bike

    Posted by Joe on Jul 22nd 2022

    I’m a tall guy so I shopped around and had settled on a Suzuki DR 400, with the high seat, for my first bike to learn on, but then I found this comparable, slightly smaller, bike online for less then half the price. It arrived in less than a week (in California) and I just received the license and dmv about a month later. I was up and riding within a day of receipt and am still going strong, loving it! It also looks great and gets lots of looks and compliments.

  • 5

    Posted by steve mason on Jun 16th 2022

    Very happy with my purchase of a TT250.The CSC folks stay right on your purchase.Im in Calif so they handled all DMV.You will sign a couple forms,and return them prepaid,and thats it.My bike came to Northern Calif in 2 days.The bike had a temp Calif plate installed so it was ready to ride.I advise contacting your insurance agent right away.They will let DMV know you insured your bike. I bought it hoping to get 65mpg. I got 78 ! I did the math several times,and double checked the accuracy of the odometer. It was right on the money. I really got 78mpg.Im an older rider so im easier on the throttle.All in all an easy straight forward on line purchase.

  • 5
    Excellent value & fantastic for a newbie

    Posted by Nicholas Hawthorne on Mar 11th 2022

    I'm not in California, so I could have bought the cheapest imported Zongshen and registered it, but as a person without any motorcycle experience I wanted to start off with something more trustworthy and preferably fully assembled--still without emptying my bank account. My research led me to CSC, a company people seem to agree offers better assembly, quality control, and customer service. Plus, they offer quick shipping for replacement parts, upgrades, and tutorials on how to do anything I'll need to keep my brapbrap machine running well. The motorcycle showed up much quicker than expected (within a few days), but in my case it was only going from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Note: The shipping company may try to charge you daily fees if you aren't able to schedule delivery with them within 24 hours, but I was able to negotiate and get them to wait until a day I'd be home, with no extra fees. Another option is you can have it dropped off without being present, or pick up from their warehouse. The bike itself was stunning to see when I un-crated it. I opted for the lowered seat ($250 upgrade) which they installed prior to shipping, leaving the original seat excellently padded and packed inside the crate. Having never ridden a motorcycle before, I didn't have any set expectations for this other than how slow I've heard it is. To me, it felt quick, so if you're a new rider I wouldn't be discouraged by the 16 horsepower. It's plenty and leaves a lot of room for error. I can tell if you'll be doing a lot of on-road, you'll probably want to swap sprockets to get to higher speeds in lower gears. Right now I appreciate being able to crawl along slowly when needed. As a manual transmission fanatic I understood the concept of shifting gears on a motorcycle, but it's definitely different when your clutch uses your hand and shifter uses your foot. The toe shift lever in stock position was a struggle to get used to wearing motocross boots, but you can adjust that. You can also take out the rubber insert in the foot pegs to sit your foot a little lower on it, giving you more clearance. I opted to go ahead and buy the folding shifter upgrade they offer, as well as the beautiful blue aluminum foot pegs. The only real issue I've had so far would be the bike sometimes skipping neutral, sometimes not...but it does have a digital indicator so not a big deal, as I've heard this gets ironed out once the brapper is more broken in. Overall, though, I'm loving this bike, and it even got approval from a friend of mine who's more experienced with motorcycles and more snobby about the brand names & quality of products he uses. The tool kit included with the bike, I've swapped out most of the pieces already for ones of at least _slightly_ higher quality. In anticipation of going on some long rides, I've purchased the cool CSC-branded luggage rack, and the heavy duty skid plate, just to prepare for some adventures ahead! Had no issues with the Nevada VIN inspection, for what that's worth. Though I will be registering the bike tomorrow at the DMV so I can't comment on that yet, I really doubt there will be any issue. Overall, super happy with this purchase! I feel confident this bike was put together with care, and considering that folks quickly outgrow their first bike, plus sometimes they don't get as much usage out of it as they anticipate, it's probably smart not to spend all your money on a name brand beginner motorcycle, unless of course you can find a great used deal.

  • 5
    Great Service

    Posted by Andrew on Oct 8th 2021

    I originally wanted a Hawk 250, but was super pissed when I couldn't get one in California. This bike, after taxes and "dealer and documentation prep" came out to almost double. However, after doing more research, this bike has a couple significant upgrades that account for its increased price, and more importantly, CSC takes care of all the paperwork, ensures the bike is ready to ride (even shipping with gasoline) and is there to handle any questions. I had several issues involving starting the bike (mostly due to my own inexperience) and I called/emailed CSC several times, and they always picked up without putting me on hold and walked me through them. If I had more experience (and wasn't in California) probably the Hawk 250 would have been better value. However, for a complete beginner like myself, these priceless additional services made an otherwise overwhelming experience very manageable. Thanks so much!

  • 4
    Great Bike for the price

    Posted by Logan D. on Oct 8th 2021

    This bike is really good quality for the price. My only complaints are the engine is to close to the foot pegs so it burns my ankles but boots would fix that. Also the handle bar grips feel really cheap. I’ll prolly end up putting some renthal or pro taper brand handle bars on it and a new exhaust.

  • 5
    CSC TT250

    Posted by Kimberly Sinclair on Oct 8th 2021

    A really nice bike! It rides nice, its got good power and looks great. It came ready to ride and arrived nicely crated. Thanks CSC for the excellent customer service.