XP750ST, Step-Thru, Upper and Lower Battery Connecting Plate, Black

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Product Overview

XP750ST Battery Connecting Plates - Black

The XP750ST battery connecting plate is a stock replacement part for the CSC Motorcycles FT750ST E-bike. It is designed to replace the original battery connector in case it is damaged or malfunctioning. The battery connector is an essential component of the E-bike’s electrical system, as it connects the battery to the controller and allows the E-bike to operate.

The XP750ST battery connecting plate includes the following items:

  • Locking mechanism and matching keys: The plate has a lock that secures the battery in place and prevents unauthorized access. The package comes with two keys that match the lock.
  • Upper and lower battery connectors and main wire: The plate has the upper and lower battery connectors that attach to the battery terminals and the main wire that connects to the E-bike’s controller. These items are identical to the original ones and ensure compatibility and functionality.
  • Lower plate: The plate has a lower plate that fits into the frame of the E-bike underneath where the battery is installed. The lower plate provides support and stability for the battery.

The XP750ST battery connecting plate is easy to install. It has a black finish that matches the color of the E-bike’s frame. It is compatible with the FT750ST E-bike’s battery specifications and dimensions.

If you need to replace your FT750ST E-bike’s battery connector, order the XP750ST battery connecting plate today and get your E-bike back on track. For those who have lost their keys, we also offer the SB-130 lock with key as a separate item.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review