Battery Charger, Duo Drag OptiMate

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Battery Lead Included:
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Product Overview

This is the most popular battery charger we sell at CSC Motorcycles and it works great with all of our gas power motorcycles. It even works great with the aftermarket Shorai batteries that we offer for our motorcycles. Please do not attempt to use this with our electric vehicles because it can damage them.

We highly recommend a battery charger as one of your first motorcycle accessories. Motorcycle batteries are much smaller than car batteries and that means they die faster. Battery chargers will increase your battery life sometimes up to double and because the a charger is almost the same price as a battery that means it will pay for itself over time.

This charger works great on CSC Motorcycles: RE3 SG400, RX3 Adventure, RX4 Adventure, RZS3 Haylon, TT250 Enduro, and SG250 Cafe Racer.

  • Maintains any type of 12V lead-acid or 12.8V lithium battery from 2Ah-20Ah
  • Delivers a constant 600mA current
  • Low volt start of 4V
  • Four-step program
  • Includes battery lead

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review