Motorcycle Grips 7/8" - Scott Mellow Grip - Black/Grey

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Product Overview

SCOTT Mellow Grip Black/Grey

Are you looking for a comfortable and stylish upgrade for your motorcycle? Do you want to enjoy the ride of your life with a smooth and grippy handlebar? If so, you need the SCOTT Mellow Grip, the premium choice for bike enthusiasts. These look great on our TT250 Enduro or the SG250 with the scrambler handlebars installed.


  • High-quality rubber material: The grips are made of durable and resistant rubber that can withstand wear and tear.
  • Vario Blok design: The grips feature a unique pattern that reduces vibration and fatigue.
  • Easy installation: The grips are compatible with most standard 7/8" handlebars and are easy to install with no tools required.
  • Grip donuts: The grips come with grip donuts that protect your thumbs from blisters and abrasion.
  • Black/grey color: The grips are available in a sleek and elegant black/grey color that matches any bike style and personality.


The SCOTT Mellow Grip is compatible with CSC Motorcycles’ TT250 Enduro, RX3 Adventure, and RX4 Adventure, which are some of the most affordable motorcycles on the market. CSC Motorcycles are “fun you can afford”, and so is the SCOTT Mellow Grip.

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Ready to experience the difference? Order your SCOTT Mellow Grip Black/Grey today and enjoy the ride of your life!


Note: Right side grip has a larger diameter hole for the throttle tube, ensuring a secure and stable fit.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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