Jet Kit, Complete 4 Piece, SG250 & TT250

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Product Overview

Complete Jet Kit for CSC Motorcycles TT250 & SG250

If you want to optimize the performance of your TT250 or SG250 carburetor, this jet kit is for you.

The stock main jet size is #108, which works well for most situations. However, you may need to adjust the main jet size depending on factors such as altitude, temperature, air intake, and exhaust system. The jet kit includes two additional main jets: #112 and #115. These are larger than the stock main jet and allow more fuel to flow into the engine. This results in a richer mixture, which means more fuel and less air. A richer mixture can increase the power and performance of your motorcycle. However, a richer mixture can also reduce the fuel economy and increase the emissions of your motorcycle. It can also cause problems such as fouling the spark plugs, overheating the engine, or backfiring.

CSC Motorcycles recommends researching how to properly tune a carburetor before installing this kit.

The jet kit comes with:

  • #112 Main Jet: This jet is slightly larger than the stock main jet and can improve the performance of your motorcycle at low to mid-range RPMs. It is suitable for mild climates and altitudes below 3000 feet.
  • #115 Main Jet: This jet is significantly larger than the stock main jet and can boost the power of your motorcycle at high RPMs. It is suitable for cold climates and altitudes above 3000 feet.
  • #40 Idle Jet: This jet controls the fuel flow at idle and low RPMs. It can help you achieve a smooth and stable idle speed and prevent stalling or hesitation when you open the throttle.
  • Air Mixture Screw: This screw allows you to adjust the amount of air that mixes with the fuel at idle and low RPMs. You can turn it clockwise to make the mixture leaner or counterclockwise to make it richer. A leaner mixture can improve fuel economy and emissions, while a richer mixture can improve throttle response and performance.

To install the jet kit, you will need to remove, clean, and reassemble the carburetor. You can follow our step-by-step guide on our YouTube channel to learn how to do it yourself. You will also need to test and tune your carburetor after installing the new jets to find the optimal settings for your motorcycle.

With this jet kit, you can customize your carburetor to match your riding style and environment. You will enjoy a smoother, faster, and more responsive ride with your TT250 or SG250 motorcycle. Order yours today!

Comes complete with: #112 Main Jet, #115 Main Jet, #40 Idle Jet, and Air Mixture Screw.

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(8 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Jetting TT250

    Posted by Richard Bocchinfuso on Oct 12th 2022

    100% recommend jetting your TT250 carb, the bike performs much better. Game changer!

  • 5
    Nice Kit

    Posted by Scott on Oct 8th 2022

    Very easy to install kit. CSC has good step by step instructions. I’m at 4200’ and the main (112) ended up a little too much. The #40 idle jet has helped on the lower end though. Bike is completely stock as a reference point for anyone else tuning at any elevation.

  • 5

    Posted by Dan on Jun 29th 2022

    Works great! CSC makes it extremely easy to install with their video. My TT 250 is running great with the upgraded jets

  • 5
    Smoother throttle

    Posted by Dave on Mar 23rd 2022

    I put about 200mi on my TT250 before swapping the main jet with the #112 (my area is around 700ft elevation). The difference is astounding; Smoother idling, the throttle isn't nearly as twitchy as it felt before, and it sings nicely at sustained speed. Basically everything just seems to run much smoother than it did. Definitely recommended! It took my literally one hour to swap out.

  • 5
    Jet Kit for TT-250

    Posted by Tom Wilson on Feb 28th 2022

    We just installed this jet kit in my son's TT-250 and wow it made a difference. Seems to start quicker and definitely has more power mid to high range. We used the 15 main jet and gave it a little more fuel by moving the clip down one notch on the throttle pin. thus raising the pin up one notch. I am probably not using the right word (Pin)---LOL! We would recommend it--I am going to order a kit for my new TT-250.

  • 4
    Definitely worth it, but needs instructions. Video doesn't cut it

    Posted by Vido Seaver on Dec 12th 2021

    For Reference( I'm at sea level in san diego). I'm not super good with carbs, so I just followed what the last guy did kinda. Except I used the 115 jet (go for gold am I right?), the third c- clip spot from the top on the needle(that's the thing that unscrews off the top of the carb when you're removing it from the bike), and I tightened the air mixture screw down all the way then backed it off 1 and 1/4 turns. I don't know if that was right, but it definitely fixed my high rpm stutter, and there is more power. It would be great to have actual instructions for this thing.

  • 5
    Jet Kit for the TT250

    Posted by Robert Kelly on Aug 11th 2021

    It made a big difference on how the bike starts and runs... there is more power too !

  • 4
    Noticeable power gains

    Posted by Chris on Apr 10th 2021

    Great little kit. I only used the 112 jet instead of the 115 and raised my needle up one slot by loving the c-clip down. The bike feels like it has more grunt right off the back. The only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is because the replacement idle screw head broke off immediately as I tried to put it in. Appears the w hole had a little gray gunk in it from the previous screw I took out which gave some resistance. I just ended up using the original screw I cut my slot into and that worked fine. My next step will be regearing for better highway now that I have more power.

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