Battery, Eel Pro, 48V/14AH Fits FT750ST Step-Thru E-Bike

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Product Overview

Battery, Eel Pro, 48V/14AH for FT750ST Step-Thru E-Bike

Don’t let a dead or faulty battery stop you from enjoying your CSC Motorcycles FT750ST Step-Thru E-Bike. The Eel Pro battery is a stock replacement part that will restore the power and performance of your electric vehicle. The Eel Pro battery is a lithium-ion battery that has a capacity of 48V/14AH, which means it can provide up to 672 watt-hours of energy. This battery can last for between 20 and 40 miles on a single charge, depending on the riding conditions and the level of pedal assist.

The Eel Pro battery is easy to install and remove from your E-Bike. It fits snugly into the frame of the FT750ST Step-Thru E-Bike and slides into the lock that is built into the frame. You can use your existing key to unlock and slide out the battery whenever you need to recharge it or swap it with another one. The battery does not come with a charger or a key, so you will need to use your original ones or order them separately if you don’t have them.

The Eel Pro battery is a great accessory for your FT750ST Step-Thru E-Bike. It will help you extend the range and fun of your electric vehicle. Whether you need to replace your old battery or you want to have a spare one, the Eel Pro battery is the perfect choice. Order yours today and get ready to ride your FT750ST Step-Thru E-Bike with confidence and convenience.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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