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Product Overview

If you want to repair the performance and reliability of your CSC Motorcycles SG250 motorcycle, you might want to consider replacing the charging system with this kit. The charging system is responsible for generating and regulating the electrical power for your bike, and it consists of three main components: the stator, the rotor, and the rectifier.

The stator is a coil of wires that produces alternating current (AC) when the rotor, which is a magnet, spins around it. The rectifier is a device that converts the AC into direct current (DC) that can be used by the battery and other electrical components. The charging system also includes some bolts, washers, gaskets, and o-rings to secure and seal the parts.

This kit contains all the parts you need to remove and replace the charging system of your SG250. It includes:

  • (1) ZT46-101 Stator Assembly Magneto.
  • (1) ZT46-107 Rotor Assembly Magneto.
  • (1) ZT46-105 Washer 10.5x2.5x245: This is a washer that goes between the rotor and the bolt to prevent loosening and vibration.
  • (1) ZT46-106 Bolt M10x36: This is a bolt that secures the rotor to the crankshaft.
  • (3) ZT46-104 Bolt M5x25: These are bolts that fasten the stator to the crankcase cover.
  • (2) ZT46-100 Bolt M5x16: These are bolts that attach the rectifier to the frame.
  • (1) ZT44-103 Gasket, L.Crankcase Cover: This is a gasket that seals the left crankcase cover to prevent oil leakage.
  • (1) ZT44-104 O-Ring 62x3: This is an o-ring that goes around the stator to prevent moisture and dirt from entering.
  • (1) SG24-103 Rectifier: This is a rectifier that has a heat sink and a diode bridge to efficiently convert AC to DC and regulate the voltage.

By replacing the charging system with this kit, you can improve the electrical performance of your SG250 and extend the life of your battery and other components. You can also avoid common problems such as dim lights, weak spark, erratic gauges, or dead battery. This kit is easy to install and compatible with your SG250 motorcycle. You can find detailed instructions on how to remove and replace the charging system in the SG250 Owner’s and Service Manual.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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