Battery Charger, Optimate5

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Product Name:
Battery Charger
Power Connection Type:
Eyelet Connector / SAE Plug / Alligator Clamp
4 A
12 V
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Product Overview

CSC Motorcycles highly recommends some form of battery charger to use with your motorcycle. Motorcycle batteries are much smaller than car batteries and they require more attention to reliably operate.

Keep your battery charged when you're not riding your TT250, SG250, RC3, RX3, RX4, SG400, Haylon. Using this charger will help keep you from having to replace your batteries as much. Not only will this charger keep your battery from dying but it can also diagnose problems and sometimes bring batteries back from the dead.

  • 6-step automatic battery saving charger, tester & maintainer
  • Delivers 4 Amps constant charge
  • 24/7 Safe long term battery care
  • POWER CHARGE gets you riding within hours!

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review