RX3 Clock Setup

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RX3 Cyclone Clock Setup


Here’s a quick look at the RX3’s trip meter and odometer, the kilometers vs miles features, and how to set the time on your onboard clock.

The instrument cluster has two pushbuttons on the left side of the instrument cluster…

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    The lower pushbutton toggles the readout between miles and kilometers. Each time you push it, the display switches between the two. This effects the trip meter, the odometer, and the speed readouts.

    The upper pushbutton toggles between the trip meter and the odometer. You’ll also see a digital readout that shows if the miles (or kilometers) are for the odometer (the total mileage on the bike) or the trip. If you want to reset the trip meter to zero, push the bottom pushbutton down and hold it for two seconds.

    The RX3 instrument cluster has a clock, which is a nice feature. To set it, push the top pushbutton and hold it down for two seconds, and the hours display will start flashing. Push the lower pushbutton down and the hour will advance with each push (or, you can hold it down and the hours will scroll ahead). After you’ve set the hours, push the top pushbutton again and the minutes display will start flashing. It’s the same drill here…each time you push the lower pushbutton, the minutes display will advance by one minute (or you can hold it down and it will scroll through the minutes). When you’ve set the time, you can just leave the display flashing and it will accept the new time after a couple of seconds, or you can push the top pushbutton again and it will set the new time.

    The hours display is on a 24-hour clock, so 1:00 p.m. is 13:00, etc.

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