RX3 Air Filter Maintenance

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This maintenance tutorial is on getting to and cleaning the RX3 air filter.   You should clean the air filter every 2000 miles, or more often if you ride in dusty environments.

The first step is to remove the seats.   You might be able to get the air filter out with the seats in place, but it’s a lot easier if the seats are off the bike.  The rear seat pops off using the keyed seat release in the left side body panel.  The front seat is secured with two bolts at the rear.

Remove the left side body panel.   The RX3 now has a two-piece left body panel, which makes air filter removal far simpler than it was with the original one-piece left body panel.


Once the body panel has been removed, you’ll have access to the air filter cover.   You will have to hold the electrical harnesses away from the cover to gain access to the five screws securing it.  Take care not to pull on the harnesses, as this can break the electrical connections.


Remove the five screws securing the air filter cover and remove the cover.



After removing the air filter cover, remove the air filter element subassembly by pulling it out.



The air filter element subassembly consists of four pieces (the lower screen, the filter element, the upper frame, and the screw that holds these three items together.   Remove the screw to separate the four pieces.





Drag-Air-Oil-250The filter element is a serviceable item.   We recommend washing the air filter element in a solution of Simple Green and water.

After washing the air filter element, allow it to dry completely.

After the filter has dried, apply a light coat of air filter oil.   We recommend Drag Specialties oil for this purpose.   You can purchase it from us by calling 800-884-4173.

After repeated washings, or if the air filter element ages, it will ultimately need to be replaced.   If you need replacement air filter elements, again, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to send them to you.

After washing and oiling the air filter element, reassemble the filter element subassembly.  Reinstall the air filter subassembly in the motorcycle, reinstall all components, and you are good to go.

One final word…some folks mistakenly believe their motorcycles will perform better if they take the air filter out.   Maybe that sort of thing made a difference 40 years ago or more, but the RX3 will perform much better with the air filter in place, and the engine will last a lot longer.