Origin 8 Supercell 26x4.0, 120 TPI: Fat Tire Road Tire

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Product Overview

Origin 8 Supercell: The Ultimate Fat Tire Road Tire

Are you looking for a fat tire that can handle both pavement and light gravel with ease? Do you want a smooth, quiet, and fast ride on your e-bike or electric bicycle? If so, you need the Origin 8 Supercell tire!

The Origin 8 Supercell is a 26x4.0 inch fat tire that features a wide, street-style tread that extends all the way to the sidewall. This design gives you excellent grip and stability on the road, even when turning at low PSI. The large channels and siping help evacuate water quickly and provide a plush, smooth ride in wet conditions. The wrap-around tread also protects the sidewall from punctures and abrasions.

This is the 120 TPI version is lighter, more flexible, and more responsive than the 30 TPI version, making it ideal for e-bikes and electric bicycles that need agility and speed. The 120 TPI version also has better traction and handling on various surfaces, as it conforms better to the terrain. 

The Origin 8 Supercell tire has a foldable bead, making it easy to install and store. It has a black tread and sidewall, giving it a sleek and stealthy look. It weighs 1375 grams and has a maximum PSI of 20. It does not have a reflective sidewall, so you may want to add some lights or reflectors to your bike for visibility.

  • Wide, fast rolling street-style tread that extends to the sidewall
  • Large channels and siping for water evacuation and smooth ride
  • Wrap-around tread for sidewall protection and grip
  • Supple, dual compound 120 TPI casing for lightness, flexibility, and responsiveness
  • Foldable bead for easy installation and storage
  • Black tread and sidewall for stealthy look
  • 26x4.0 inch size for fat tire compatibility
  • 1375 grams weight for moderate heft
  • 20 PSI maximum for optimal performance
  • No reflective sidewall for discreetness

The Origin 8 Supercell tire has received rave reviews from customers and experts alike. They praise its low rolling resistance, high grip, and smooth ride on the road. They also appreciate its versatility, as it can handle light gravel and dirt trails as well. Some customers have even used it for beach riding and touring, and reported great performance. The Origin 8 Supercell tire is a great choice for anyone who wants a fat tire that can do it all.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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