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If you ride a dirt bike then you know what it is like to have a grip that slips. Despite all your best efforts to properly glue and safety wire the grip securely in place, it inevitably slips creating an annoyance and a safety hazard. The act of gluing and wiring grips with specialty tools can be a hassle as well. The wire often breaks leaving a sharp point and wreaks havoc on both your hands and the grip. The gluing process is a mess and difficult to get consistent coverage between your grip and the bar due to the fact that the grip just pushes all the glue to one end or the other. Risk Racing created a simple and effective solution called Fusion Grip Tech. Fusion Grip Tech is a patent pending bonding system that uses bonding strips and a spray on catalyst. Simply peel and stick the bonding strips to your bars. Then spray the bonding strips with the supplied Fusion Catalyst and easily slip your grip into place. At first the catalyst acts as a lubricant for easy grip installation, but after it dries it creates a lasting bond. The entire process is clean and simple. Additionally, Fusion Grip Tech comes packaged with the new Risk Racing Fusion 2.0 Grips. The Fusion 2.0 Grips are a high quality, dual compound soft grip with a reinforced grip end and an ergonomically designed "wave" to the grip flange. This ergonomic "wave" on the flange of the grip reduces pressure points between the riders thumb and the grip flange. Although this patent pending design feature is subtle, it greatly reduces heat and pressure, which reduces blistering and increases rider comfort. Thanks to the Risk Racing Fusion 2.0 Grips you can say goodbye to "Yama-thumb"!.

RISK Racing is based in Mooresville, NC USA, and we are here for you! We design products from the ground up and take great pride in what we create. Making sure every customer is happy with their RISK product purchase is a priority. Whether it’s questions or concerns, we are here with answers. Our customer service team offers personal service and strives to insure every customer is 100% satisfied with our product. Due to our unique innovation, we are targets of copy products. Please beware of imitations.

The Fusion Bonding system eliminates glue, wires, and slipping The Fusion 2. 0 Grips are dual density grips designed to minimize vibration and improve arm pump The ergonomic “wave” on the flange of the grip reduces pressure points between the riders thumb and the grip flange Easy application: clean your handlebar, apply the bonding strips, shake and spray the catalyst to the exposed bonding strips, quickly apply grips, and you're done


(No reviews yet) Write a Review