2023 RX4 Adventure

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Sale Price $4,695.00
$450.00 to most locations in the lower 48 or FREE In-Store Pickup. Call for delivery to New York or the Keys. RX4 ships with a specialty trucking company that can take up to 12 weeks depending on your location.
Vehicle and Motorcycle sales do not have a cooling-off period. All vehicle sales are final.
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Product Overview

2023 CSC Motorcycles RX4 Adventure

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The rugged RX4 Adventure has proven itself an unmatched value in the ADV / adventure-touring market, and the addition of an big TFT color instrument panel and new tubeless wire-spoke wheels with electronic tire-pressure sensors makes it even more appealing for 2023!

There is nothing else on the road with the style, versatility, speed and premium features that can touch the RX4’s incredibly affordable $4,995 price. It’s a powerful yet accessible option for riders who desire an economical and manageable ADV bike.

The RX4 includes a huge list of standard features that are typically extra-cost options or unavailable on other motorcycles.

The highlight for 2023 is the beautiful 7-inch TFT color instrument panel that can display tire pressures in real-time and can be linked via Bluetooth to a rider’s smartphone to display incoming calls!

The panel is also customizable to give riders the choice of an analog tachometer layout or a bar-graph tach across the top of the screen, as well as displaying a wealth of other info, including a trip computer with average and real time fuel economy, average and maximum speeds, gear-position indicator, battery voltage, fuel level, coolant temperature and ambient temperature. An ambient light sensor automatically changes the background darker at night so the display isn’t overly distracting.

Other premium features included include full LED lighting, an adjustable windscreen, and a tapered aluminum handlebar. The RX4 also includes adjustable suspension and antilock braking with dual radial-mount four-piston front calipers, as well as the new wire-spoke wheels with a patented design that allows running tires without fussy inner tubes.

The RX4 is powered by a strong 450cc engine that supplies excellent grunt for navigating everything from gnarly trails to speedy highways, and it’s counterbalanced for exceptionally smooth operation. The fuel-injected and liquid-cooled motor produces more than 40 horsepower, enough to easily propel the lightweight RX4 past every speed limit in America.

The efficient single-cylinder engine combines with a 5.3-gallon gas tank to provide a range well beyond 250 miles between refueling stops, allowing your adventures to stretch far from civilization. A robust 300-watt alternator supplies power for any adventurer’s requirements through the included USB and 12-volt charging outlets and two prewired outlets under the seat.

The RX4 is the result of several years of refinement by Zongshen, one of the world’s largest motorcycle producers, and is built to CSC’s specifications to fill a high-demand gap in the dual-sport/adventure market.

"The RX4 delivers the adventure experience with a platform capable of handling anything a rider can throw at it, on road or off, and at an affordable price,” says Steve Seidner, President of CSC Motorcycles. 

The RX4 costs just $4,995, including its wire-spoke wheels with aluminum rims, an inverted fork, and protective engine guards and a skid plate. It also receives a new black treatment for the passenger grab handles and footrests, as well as on the three-piece luggage system that remains standard equipment on the feature-rich RX4.

The RX4’s humble price is due to CSC Motorcycles’ innovative business model of selling direct to consumers. The RX4 undergoes final assembly in our California headquarters and then a road test to ensure flawless operation before shipping directly to customers, with no assembly required.

The RX4 ships to your door for a low flat fee of only $500.00 to most locations in the lower 48 states (some locations may incur additional surcharges) plus assembly and documentation fees, which add just $410 to the price, much less than typical dealer PDI fees. And the RX4 is backed by a one-year unlimited-mileage warranty and a complete set of parts in stock if ever needed.

Nowhere else can you find such a list of features for $4,995, making the RX4 the ultimate value in adventure motorcycles.

“Far and away the most appealing aspect of the RX4 is its price-to-features ratio,” asserted Ari Henning on Revzilla’s Common Tread platform about last year’s RX4 before the 2023 upgrades. “There isn’t a motorcycle on the market that offers so much for so little.”

An aluminum luggage package and many other accessories are available from CSC, including seat options, a burly aluminum skid plate, an ABS-defeat switch, cast aluminum wheels and tire options.  

The RX4 is available in vibrant Fire Yellow, Sapphire Blue, Dark Burgundy Metallic, & Arctic White.

CSC RX4 Standard Features:

  • 450cc liquid-cooled engine, 4-valve, overhead cam, with counter-balancer and Delphi fuel injection; 6-speed transmission
  • 7-inch TFT color instrument panel with digital speedometer, tachometer, odometer, tripmeter, fuel gauge, gear indicator, neutral light, temperature gauge, clock, turn signal and high beam indicators
  • Electronic tire-pressure monitoring system - never again crouch down with a tire-pressure gauge!
  • Patented wire-spoke wheel design accommodates tubeless tires
  • Three-piece resin luggage system; top box fits a full-face helmet
  • Ergonomic comfort seat, passenger seat removeable with ignition key
  • Full LED lighting
  • Dual-Flash Hazard Lights
  • LED turn signals and brake light
  • 3D Anti Fog Headlamp
  • 12-volt and USB charging outlets on dash
  • 300-watt alternator
  • Automotive-type waterproof connectors under the seat
  • Adjustable windshield
  • Dual-Curvature Rear View Mirrors
  • Tapered aluminum handlebars with bar-end weights
  • Antilock brakes with Bosch ABS controller
  • Dual front disc brakes with radial-mount 4-piston calipers and braided steel lines
  • Adjustable inverted front fork with anodized finish: with adjustable damping
  • Adjustable central rear shock absorber: spring preload and rebound damping
  • Wide footpegs with removable rubber inserts
  • Stainless steel twin-pipe exhaust
  • Frame-mounted engine guards
  • Front and rear mud guards, with added rear lower mud guard
  • Steel engine skid plate
  • 5,000-mile valve adjustment intervals
  • Easy maintenance supported by a service manual and online tutorials
  • Available Colors: Fire Yellow, Sapphire Blue, Dark Burgundy Metallic, & Arctic White


82.7 inches
34.7 inches
54.7 inches
449.7 lbs
Maximum Load:
330.69 lbs
Seat Height:
31.9 inches
56.1 inches
Ground Clearance:
8.1 Inches
Fuel Tank Capacity:
5.3 Gallons
Starting Mode:
Electric Start
Fuel Delivery:
6 Speed
Brake System:
Large diameter dual front and single rear disk brakes with ABS
Top Speed:
97.5 MPH
Cooling System:
Fuel Consumption:
65 MPG
40.2hp @ 8000 rpm
27.3 ft-lb @ 7000 rpm
Compression Ratio:
11.0 to 1
Front Tire/Wheel:
110/80-19 spoked wheel, tubeless dual sport tire, black aluminum rim
Rear Tire/Wheel:
150/70-17 spoked wheel,tubeless dual sport tire, black aluminum rim
Rear Wheel Travel:
4.7 inches
Front Wheel Travel:
5.1 inches

Warranty Information

CSC Motorcycles Warranty & Return Information

Your CSC Motorcycle comes with a 1-year unlimited mileage warranty, you may also purchase an extended warranty with your motorcycle from Aftercare. Click here for more information about Aftercare Extended Warranties. Your warranty covers materials and workmanship for all components, except consumables or wear items. Consumable and wear items include brake pads and rotors, clutch components, fork seals, chains, tires, inner tubes, hand grips, sprockets, and batteries. These items may be covered at CSC’s discretion if a failure occurs that is not related to wear. Batteries have a 6-month replacement warranty for failures not related to abuse, neglect, or sitting.

Further exclusions include damage caused by alteration or modification to a stock part, neglect, abuse, or by accident or negligence. Lack of maintenance or improper storage procedures, as well as the use of unauthorized lubricants, chemicals, or fuels that are not compatible with or recommended for this vehicle, are also excluded. Additionally, failure of a part due to exceeding the manufacturer's R.P.M. limits or intended use or non-operation is not covered. This includes fuel delivery components that have failed due to bad fuel.

For any warranty claim, please contact CSC Motorcycles for help with troubleshooting and diagnostics. Replacement parts will be sent directly to you via standard ground shipping at no charge. No warranty service will be covered without pre-authorization.

For extended warranties through Aftercare you will have to contact Aftercare. The information for contacting Aftercare will be included with your motorcycle paperwork.

The warranty is valid from the date of purchase by the original purchaser and is non-transferable.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to ask!

A Note About Batteries:
When we prepared your motorcycle, we used a top-of-the-line Optimate battery charger/ tester to insure we install a good battery. It was then successfully test ridden before it was packed and shipped. The last thing we would want is a customer that can’t start and ride their brand-new motorcycle when they first receive it.

For SG and TT owners, please refer to the starting instruction on your owner's packet, website, or YouTube channel

Batteries perform poorly in the winter, whether they are new or not. Starting your engine puts a big drain on your battery. They work very hard for their small size and it’s very easy to completely drain a battery attempting to start a stubborn engine.
Starting your bike every 30 days to warm up the engine and circulate fresh gas through the fuel system is a good practice, but this does not allow enough time for your alternator to fully charge your battery. The motorcycle does have a high-power alternator. In order for it to completely charge a dead battery, you will have to ride your motorcycle at speed for 3 to 4 hours. It’s the same time it takes to completely charge your battery on a battery charger.
Motorcycle batteries deplete 1% of their battery capacity everyday they sit, and this leaves them suspectable to internal corrosion and irreputable damage.

The battery needs to be on a trickle charger to maintain a 100% charge and its health when sitting longer than 30 days.

If you suspect a faulty battery and want to submit a warranty claim, we need proof that the battery is defective and not just dead from sitting or failed starting attempts.
  • Batteries have a 6-month warranty from the date of purchase.
  • Please take your battery to an auto parts store and have them charge and test it. Their equipment will show a reading or either "GOOD" or "BAD".
  • Take a picture of this result and submit it for your warranty claim.
  • Only if the battery is shown to be faulty will we sent out a replacement.
  • If the battery is tested to be good and you are still experiencing technical issues, please contact CSC Motorcycles for further diagnoses.

Product Videos


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  • 5
    Rx4 23

    Posted by Tank on 2 wheels on Jul 1st 2023

    This bike has proven to be versatile and amazingly accommodating and practical. I'm happy with the motorcycle. Also, the CSC ppl are also very accommodating and practical. Definitely going to consider another csc soon.

  • 5
    1st Impressions

    Posted by Mark Hernandez on Jul 3rd 2022

    After experiencing a top-notch buying experience with CSC, my first impressions of the RX4 where just as great! The motorcycle was received in showroom condition & it started on the very first crank. Everything worked & no issues at all could be found. The mirrors were the only thing that had to be adjusted before my first ride to the department of motor vehicles to get it registered. The RX4 sounded great & it shifted, accelerated, & braked so smoothly I quickly gained confidence in the RX4’s ability. The motorcycle was easy to register and my whole experience from purchasing the RX4 to my very first ride has been a wonderful journey! The journey continues with no regrets with anything. Mark – New Mexico

  • 5
    CSC Purchase Experience

    Posted by Mark Hernandez on Jul 3rd 2022

    The RX4 purchase experience with CSC was top notch. The process is secure, efficient, & CSC’s communication with the buyer is world class. You always know where you are in the process. Questions before & after the purchase were always answered – they were easy to reach & provided answers! Haul Bikes delivery provided weekly updates & delivered the RX4 in show room condition. My buying experience & journey with CSC motorcycles was excellent! Mark - New Mexico

  • 5

    Posted by John R. on Jun 10th 2022

    The RX4 fits my needs of economy, features and price. Service from CSC has been stellar.

  • 5

    Posted by Chris Harris on Nov 27th 2021

    I have a 2020 model I received in August 2020 (2021 has newer upscale equipment but mechanically mostly the same). I've had some issues but they were covered under warranty, no hassle ( out of state too). CSC has better service than any auto dealer I've ever dealt with. Most importantly to me, is that in over 30,000 miles of riding in 1 year 3 months of ownership (really about 3 months less due to some extended times I wasn't riding) I have had zero issues with the engine/transmission/drivetrain, or the chassis/mounts. I simply always use 10w40 or 20w50 full Synthetic moto specific oil(not diesel oil), and a new filter each time.. The original sprockets are in excellent shape still and I've gone through 3 chains, about to be on the fourth. This engine is very reliable, and I have no worries that I will have any failures for a long time (If something was defect it would have likely broke by now). Admittedly I've only adjusted the valves once (at 10k) and they were within the factory spec still (I adjusted them to CSC recommendation for better performance). Long story short, the important parts of the bike seem very sturdy.. everything else is wear item or easily replaceable.

  • 5
    Ordering the RX4

    Posted by Robert Kelly on Oct 23rd 2021

    I ordered an RX4 ages ago but the trouble at the docks and a delay in shipping from the factory made me cancle the order and as promiced CSC refunded every cent of my money ! well done guys !

  • 5
    Technology and Quality

    Posted by Richard Drew on May 12th 2021

    Buying this machine with out having ridden it or even touched it was a leap of faith, not only in the manufacturer but also CSC the American Retailer. It was shipped, literally cross country to TN. It arrived ready to ride and in pristine condition. I was pleasantly surprised at the actual look of the bike and the excellent fit and finish. I've ridden it on the Tail of the Dragon where I live close by and loved the sure footedness around all those hairpin turns. Having owned over 50 motorcycles in my lifetime and currently the owner of a custom cruiser and a sport tourer. I can say without pause, this is one sweet machine. Smooth, well balanced and full of pep. I would love to get into more detail about this ultra modern digital dash, but suffice it to say, I've not seen anything from any other Adventure bike manufacturer with such a robust information center, that displays everything you can think of. I poured over the internet and you tube etc. to discover as much as I could about the RX 4, which ultimately lead me to pull the trigger. I can say I hit the bullseye with this gem. CSC has been spectacular, friendly and thorough in their communication with me as well.