PIRELLI Tire A Sct 110/70-12 47P, Front For City Slicker

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Product Overview

PIRELLI Tire A Sct 110/70-12 47P

Pirelli Angel Scooter Front Tires

This tire is the best front tire for CSC Motorcycles City Slicker Electric Motorcycle.

Born from Pirellis sport touring product, the Angel GT, for urban commuting.

The structure of the tire and tread pattern design filter all different road conditions and deliver a more comfortable and smooth ride.

A new compound with increased silica improves grip on wet surfaces.

An improved tread pattern with crossing elements absorbs and distributes braking forces to reduce the breaking distance.

Dampening dots within the tread modify the stiffness of the ride and absorb ground irregularities and vibrations.

Tubeless type tires.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review